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DIY Dream House by Hape

DIY Dream House by Hape

Fall 2014 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Price: $199.99

The modern design and the 32-piece collection of magnetic decorations and furnishings are cheerful and inviting; the opportunity for children to add their own artwork, ingenious. There's even a working lift. Illustrated instructions make for easy assembly.

Our largest test group for the DIY Dream House was 13 children: 9 boys and 4 girls; the open design easily accommodates four or five small children. Often the boys were the first to arrive. They brought their tools to be repairmen; they dressed in their firemen's outfits and brought their fire trucks to put out the fire. The group then discussed how those scenarios and tools apply to real life situations. On the decorating front, one child placed the sofa facing the wall where she had placed a picture frame; she said they were watching a movie. Testers discussed the, and then colored a representative picture and taped it on the frame -- fine motor, language, social interaction, and more all within a few minutes!

Based on the packaging photographs, parent testers were surprised not to find any play figures in the set. That said, this appealing and well-made doll house is sure to delight children for many years.

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