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Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin from Georgia Aquarium

Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin from Georgia Aquarium

Spring 2015 Television
Ages: 13 - 16 yrs.
Rating: TV G

It's really not a mystery. Just about everybody loves animals. And if even if you aren't a beach person, you can acknowledge the beauty, majesty and wonder of the ocean. TV audiences will appreciate the depths-and heights-to which Jeff Corwin goes to explore animal life in the water and ocean adjacent environments. Viewers learn important conservation facts, as well as scientific techniques used to study animals, all with a backdrop of beautiful footage of stunning and often downright endearing creatures.

Corwin provides an action plan on how to save at-risk species by working with scientists and activists to collect and study data that may help save endangered populations. Some tasks, such as helping adorable orphaned baby African Penguins, are easier than, say, trying to determine the gender of a new born humpback whale. More than that, Corwin always emphasizes the importance of respecting nature and the scientific process used to study it. When researchers use a tranquilizer gun, Corwin is quick to point out that it is used as a scientific tool and not a weapon of harm. Similarly, it's easy to want to fawn over the cute baby penguins, but the care and feeding of endangered animals can be tricky -- especially when trying to record a weight on a wiggly, wet penguin.

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