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Dr. Chris Pet Vet

Dr. Chris Pet Vet

Spring 2015 Television
Ages: 13 - 16 yrs.
Rating: TV G

Any budding veterinarians in the family should definitely take a few minutes to watch Chris Brown in action.

The Australian doc, with movie-star good looks and a charming bedside manner, loves animals and wants to help them. He's sweet and clearly cares about the creatures. And we travel along every step of the way.

The tone of the show is positive, although some of the medical problems are harrowing, scary and may be hard to watch. Others are baffling. A goat has a joint problem. A springer spaniel has a bone wedged in his throat. A King Charles spaniel has heart issues. And a Greyhound named Betty is very unsteady on her feet.

Dr. Chris' colleague, Dr. Lisa Chimes, is also good on camera and good with animals. She shows up often with unusual cases, too. A kitten ate a rubberband? Yikes.

The value of the show is that it's all about caring, compassionate, passionate doctors who are working to help all creatures, great and small.

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