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Recipe Rehab

Recipe Rehab

Spring 2015 Television
Ages: 13 - 16 yrs.
Rating: TV G

Most food shows are sure to make you drool with mouth-watering presentations of sinfully delicious creations. From Rachael Ray to Guy Fieri, from Iron Chef to Master Chef,/i>, there is a gluttonous feast of food programming available.

But Recipe Rehab stands out from the pack. On this half-hour CBS show, you'll still get delightful dishes, but they prove to be much healthier alternatives to higher-calorie, higher-fat favorites.

Host Evette Rios is a lively guide in the kitchen, overseeing two star chefs - Rich Rosendale and Vikki Krinsky. Most episodes center on re-making a family's favorite dish. The two chefs compete to come up with the tastiest, healthiest substitute. The family puts it to the taste test, while nutritionists calculate the fat and calorie components. Everyone wins, really. Other episodes take on a Q&A format, with kids asking questions of the chefs, such as: "What's a healthy way to make pudding?" or "How can I make a healthy energy bar at home?"

Along the way, there are pop-up facts and pop quizzes, covering nutritional questions, kitchen gadgets and explanations about foods. You might even learn a new way to cook an artichoke. I know I did!

We all can use tips for preparing healthier foods. Recipe Rehab cooks up inspiring and do-able ideas to try. The explanations are easy to follow. The segments are to-the-point with the offerings cutting out refined sugar, preservatives and processed foods. For example: Try some honey mustard with your carrots next time. It makes a nice dip. Or how about whipping up a chia seed pudding? You can even make a chicken dinner with edamame hummus in just 10 minutes. That noodle kuegel you love? It doesn't have to have 974 calories per serving.

You will come away with new ideas about what you want to prepare. But even better - you'll be able to make much smarter choices about what you want to eat. Yum!

Ann Oldenburg   ©2015 Parents' Choice
Ann Oldenburg, lecturer and interim director of the journalism program at Georgetown University, writes about television, food, workplace issues and other pop culture topics. A University of Florida Gator with a degree in journalism, she began her career at The Washington Post and spent more than two decades with USA TODAY. She and her husband have three sons and live in McLean, Virginia.

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