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Boys' Life magazine

Boys' Life magazine

Spring 2015 Magazines
Ages: 6 - 17 yrs.
Newsstand Price: $3.95
Subscription Price: $12.00 / 12 Issues

Let's make this simple and straight-forward: If you are a Boy Scout, you should subscribe to Boys' Life because it's a longstanding part of the experience. If you're curious about what Boy Scouts do, you should take a look.

Approximately one-quarter of each issue directly or indirectly addresses scouting; additionally, there are features about everything from sports team mascots, the daily routine of animal doctors, the world of sharks, all about robotics, the facts about the U.S. flag, ways to hydrate, and more.

Much of these pages are regular departments-Scout-related comic strips, including true-stories of "Scouts in Action", the long-running "Pee Wee Harris" and the totally scouty "Dink and Duff"; a Fitness First column; the practical Workshop how-to column; plus contests and Q&A's. The magazine also includes a videogame section with reviews of the newest releases.

The design of Boys' Life is busy and cluttered-maybe just right for teenage boys. And it does have advertising, from full-age ads in recent issues for National Geographic Kids and the Scout Shop (pitching Cub Scout clothes and gear) to regular ad sections called Tradin' Post and Schools & Camps.

The bottom line is that Boys' Life Magazine is a niche publication that aspires to reach an audience beyond the legions of Boy Scouts it has historically served.

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