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Black Dove, White Raven

Black Dove, White Raven

Spring 2015 Fiction
Ages: 12 & Up
Author: Elizabeth E. Wein
ISBN: 978-1423183105
Hardcover Price: $17.99

"Black Dove"(Delia) and "White Raven"(Rhoda) are the stage names of two women stunt pilots in America the early 1930's. Rhoda's daughter, Emilia, and Delia's son, Teo, accompany them. This close-knit exotic family lived a most unusual existence as they happily barnstormed around the country -- welcomed everywhere except in the segregated south.

The mothers were saving money to move their family to Ethiopia so all could live without discrimination. When a bird strike hit their plane, Delia was killed in the crash, and their lives changed in that instant.

The devastated Rhoda adopts Teo, leaves the children with her parents, and travels to and successfully settles in Ethiopia, living in a settlement with a European doctor and his Ethiopian wife whom she helps in a clinic. After a couple of years, Rhoda is able to send for the children, who live happily through their teenage years. But the impending war in Europe puts a halt to their idyllic life.

Through the eyes of the two teenage protagonists, the author reveals the sufferings of the Ethiopians under Mussolini. The Ark of the Covenant, believed to reside in Ethiopia, also plays a part in this well-written historical fiction. The strands of the story are complex; the powers of friendship and resilience are undeniable.

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