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Ideal Slap Happy

Ideal Slap Happy

Fall 2015 Games
Ages: 5 & Up
Manufacturer: ALEX BRANDS
Price: $16.00

First introduced in 1971, this fun and fast-paced game is still going strong. Players draw from the deck of cards in search of a matching pair. Any player with a pair "slaps" his her slap-o-matic hand and other players race to do the same. The last player to slap loses a card to the first. The game ends when all cards have been drawn and the player with the most points wins. Hand-eye coordination and reflexes are put to the test.

Something to note: although the box indicates the game is for 3-4 players the instructions say 2-4 players. Yes, five year olds will probably be slap happy with two players. However, for the race component to kick in, and the game's appeal to extend to a broader age range, we think a minimum of 3 players is needed.

Missy Williams   ©2015 Parents' Choice

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