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Calling All the Elephants

Calling All the Elephants

Fall 2015 Music
Ages: 5 - 10 yrs.
CD Price: $14.98

Randy & Dave (Randy Sharp and Dave Kinnoin) outdo themselves with off-the-wall wordplay, comic wit and underlying kid-savvy messages expertly integrated into a musical framework loaded with pop music references. In the "Last Word," the meaning of each verse changes when a seeming one-syllable "last word" turns out to have two syllables ("dol…phin, "cow…boy"). The mischief-maker in "I'm Special" has it all figured out: "Even when I'm horrible/They say that I'm adorable." In "Never Ever" (reminiscent of the Meat Loaf hit, "I Would Do Anything For Love"), there's one thing that a kid who "would parasail from Brooklyn Heights/To a pinpoint landing in St. Paul" and "pester a rhinoceros/Sampling perfume at the shopping mall" would "never ever do." In "Miriam's Muse," hilarious down to the inspired last line, a little girl faces a rather, er, sticky challenge during her piano recital. "Hum" is a clever and unexpected giggle-inducer that springboards from an unfortunate mix-up: "I notice there's a/Tube of toothpaste/Next to a tube of glue./When you went to brush/Did you by chance/Mix up the two?" The title track, starring a confident, quirky little sister with notable talents, is sheer delight. Lyrics and chord charts for the songs are included. (A portion of proceeds goes to child-centered charitable organizations.)

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