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Los Animales

Los Animales

Fall 2015 Music
Ages: 3 - 8 yrs.
Producer: Coil Records
CD Price: $14.99

Not surprisingly, Mister G's (Ben Gundersheimer) sixth and latest CD, Los Animales, starts out with a bang as he unleashes the sumptuous salsa of the title track. Rhythmic folk enhances the theme of movement in "Vámonos" (let's go), and "Siete Elefantes" is a great counting song, packed with parading pachyderms. Sharks and frogs are explored respectively in "Cúal es tu Animal Favorito?," and "La Rana," while a giraffe is founding lurking on his bed in the accordion driven fun of "Una Jirafa en mi Casa."

On the spoken "El Gallo" Mister G compares how in Puerto Rico the sound a rooster makes is expressed differently than in America. The jittery Maringa rhythms of "Baila Como Las Hormigas" makes perfect music to dance like ants, while the predominantly English sung "El Léon y la Luna" tells the tale of celestial dancing lion. "Los Perros del Mundo" is a brief spoken exchange about how dogs say "woof-woof" in America and "ow ow" in Brazil, before the album ends with the lovely lullaby "Buenas Noches."

Mister G and his abundantly talented group of musicians deliver a rich and tantalizing 21 minutes of musical tributes to los animales near and far. Full lyrics are available as a pdf songbook online at

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