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Unbored Treasure Hunt

Unbored Treasure Hunt

Fall 2015 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: MindWare
Price: $29.95

Based on the popular UNBORED book series, the Unbored Treasure Hunt kit includes everything needed to create treasure hunts that take place within a single room, throughout the house, or across an entire neighborhood. The 16-page booklet features treasure hunt guidelines, a treasure chest, 50 printed clue cards and 20 blank ones, 12 clue envelopes, map maker pad, a compass, a penlight and instructions on drawing maps and reading a compass and a key for writing codes. One person is the treasure "hider" and the others are the "seekers." The Hider creates the prize (candy, a toy car, a room clean-up); Seekers can work alone or as a team. All work together to establish boundaries for the hunt.

From using Selfies to document clue locations they've reached, to a timed race, to crafting clues as a rhyme or an image, the instructions offer many ways to vary the challenge and the play.

Inside and out, our testers played as a family, used the kits as a sleep-over activity, a birthday party and a neighborhood block party. Ongoing clever adventures in fun.

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