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Air Hogs Helix Ion

Air Hogs Helix Ion

Fall 2015 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Spin Master Toys
Price: $49.99

The Helix Ion came preassembled, and other than unpacking, the only preflight task is to install batteries in the controller and charge the Helix from the controller itself. The charging instructions are clear and easy to follow.

After charging for about 10 minutes, we lost patience (not our best trait) and decided to fly the Helix even though it was not fully charged. Our testers were impressed. The toy immediately went to the ceiling and then due to operator error, it came crashing down to the floor. No damage whatsoever. The Helix is made of foam, and the propellers are embedded inside foam cylinders so they are not easily harmed. It is surprising durable. We then crashed the Helix into chairs and other furniture several times with no ill effects or even finger wagging from mom.

The Helix is fairly easy to fly and a nice toy for inside play. It is best suited for those with good fine motor skills and sufficient patience to wait for batteries to charge. It will help develop hand-eye coordination and an appreciation for orientation of objects in three dimensions.

We were impressed with the "Green" packaging of the Helix Ion. The use of plastic was kept to a minimum and we were able to recycle the cardboard packaging easily.

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John Green is an economist in Washington DC and father of three. He has a PhD in economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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