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Project Mc² Ultimate Lab Kit

Project Mc² Ultimate Lab Kit

Fall 2015 Toys
Ages: 6 - 10 yrs.
Price: $54.99

This candy apple red lab kit comes with a working microscope, glass slides, test tubes, funnel, beaker jar, lab flasks, ph strips, pipette dropper, petri dish, safety goggles, Project Mc2 ring, sticker sheets and an experiment booklet. All come in a study plastic lab "bag" that can be decorated with the stickers provided. The suitcase-styled kit provides storage and portability. Some experiments require additional but readily available household items, but all experiments (glittery slime, growing gummy bears, make a rainbow in a jar) are easy and fun, and the Project MC2 website has additional missions and games for those wanting more edutainment. Our young testers, who were unaware of the Project MC2 series, had great fun reading, customizing (aka decorating) and experimenting. Very little adult help was required. This isn't a serious science kit, but it is a fun way to give science a test drive.

Missy Williams   ©2015 Parents' Choice

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