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American Plastic Toys Cozy Comforts Kitchen

American Plastic Toys Cozy Comforts Kitchen

Fall 2015 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: American Plastic Toys
Price: $35.00

As soon as the children saw the Cozy Kitchen in the classroom, you could hear the happy chatter. A terrific value at $35, this brightly-colored toy kitchen comes complete with a coffee maker, a recycle bin, a microwave, oven, a cell phone, many more accessories (22 in total), and even has a burner that sizzles and lights up. It's easy to assemble; the pieces snap together, no tools required. And, because its small and compact, a parent can easily carry outside with one hand, while holding a child's hand with the other.

Our young kitchen testers were immersed in imaginative play, role playing, expressive and receptive language, social interaction, sharing and more. They learned new words like chef, slotted spoon, pancake turner and many more. We created menus and shopping lists and talked about money and the cost of food. When we played outside, the children rode tricycles and pulled wagons to get groceries from the store and the farm stand. This Made in the USA play kitchen give families many ways to play and learn together.

Kathy Smith   ©2015 Parents' Choice
Kathy Smith has been leading preschool classes through playful learning for more than 25 years. Her tales of "Who is messier, 'Miss Kathy' or the children?" is a comedy act in the making. Family friendly, of course.

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