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Fall 2015 Toys
Ages: 3 - 6 yrs.
Manufacturer: Vtech
Price: $24.99

The Write and Learn Creative Center by VTech is a laptop/tablet-type toy for young children just learning to recognize and write letters. A variety of activities prompts the child to follow along and use the stylus to complete the full alphabet with upper and lower case letters, draw lines and shapes, and guess the letter that represents a picture. An eraser lever at the bottom wipes the slate clean.

To begin, children are invited to customize the board with his/her own name. The activity instructor gently praises (whether needed or not) but it doesn't self-correct, so the learning is follow the leader via voice and animation. The age-appropriate graphics are easy to recognize and the small display window does the trick. The letter writing activities were among parent testers' favorites, demonstrating proper stroke techniques of both upper and lower case letters. Drawing shapes was informative and fun. Miss the instruction? Just push the repeat button to see or hear it again. During our testing period, only the stylus and two stamps made visible marks on the board. Those tools can be used whether or not the board is powered up. The set includes the Write & Learn board with attached stylus, two stamps, instructions, and eight object stencil cards that store neatly on the underside of the board. The integrated handle makes for easy transport. Two fresh AA batteries should be installed before using. Options include on/off music, and some volume control.

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