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Clifford Water Science

Clifford Water Science

Fall 2015 Toys
Ages: 3 - 10 yrs.
Price: $19.99

Our young testers were ready with all hands on deck when the Water Science kit was unveiled. The well designed and cheerily illustrated manual brings Clifford's friends and charm to the learning process. Beginning with a materials page of what the kit includes (pipette, sponge, terrarium, lab tray, test tubes, measuring spoon and cup, chromatography paper, strip of red paper, craft stick, a foam base and sheet, a length of tubing and a piece of cardboard), Emily Elizabeth (aka Clifford's owner) takes the manual by storm (or iceberg as the activity may be) and guides users through each of the 14 water-centric activities. Emily introduces the experiment with a question or statement, lists what's needed, and clearly explains each step. At the bottom of each page, it's Clifford who provides the explanation.

Children as young as three were captivated by the activities that demonstrated water magnification, absorption, capillary action, floating and sinking and more. One six year old used what she knew about experiments to teacher four year old brother. They played and learned together; no breaks for videogames, no TV, and best of all, no fighting. Yes, there is magic in this box.

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