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Miles from Tomorrowland Rockin' Rocket Game

Miles from Tomorrowland Rockin' Rocket Game

Fall 2015 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Wonder Forge Inc.
Price: $16.99

In this fun game of balance and dexterity, young space travelers are challenged to place all four of their color cargo pieces on the space ship without tipping the ship and sending the cargo plummeting to Earth. Players take turns at the spinner to see if they'll place any cargo piece on a specific location, or if they'll have to place a specific cargo piece on any location. Players need to plan and assess how and where to carefully place their cargo. Any pieces to fall off during a player's turn are added to her/his inventory. The first player to successfully place and balance all pieces wins.

Initial adult assistance was needed for set-up and to identify the shapes. After that, gameplay took off for the galaxy. Planning, fine motor skills, vocabulary, color and shape matching and turn taking are all part of this star system. Familiarity with the tv series is not required.

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