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The Peanuts Movie Snoopy Flying Ace Game

The Peanuts Movie Snoopy Flying Ace Game

Fall 2015 Games
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Wonder Forge Inc.
Price: $14.99

Take to the air and join Snoopy in his battle against his age-old nemesis, the Red Baron! The Peanuts Movie Game, which is for two to four players aged four years and up, includes: a game board, 96 cards, 36 tokens, an Eiffel Tower that supports a Snoopy-Red Baron spinning arm, and illustrated instructions. Game play is very simple: players spin the Snoopy-Red Baron spinning arm and race to make card matches with other players, and claim spaces on the board until the arm stops. If Snoopy's cloud tail lands on a space occupied by a player, that player wins. The game is fast paced and can easily keep the attention of even the youngest players.

Developmentally, children practice matching skills as well as important social skills such as cooperative play, turn-taking, following of instructions, and general good sportsmanship.

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