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Pictopia: Star Wars Edition

Pictopia: Star Wars Edition

Fall 2015 Games
Ages: 7 & Up
Manufacturer: Wonder Forge Inc.
Price: $19.99

Pictopia: Star Wars Edition is a picture-trivia game based on the Star Wars franchise (all movies, old and new). The game consists of 200 Question Placards, 6 answer dials, 30 wager coins, 6 marker pegs, 1 score tracker panel, 1 die and instructions. Players take turns being the "host" and asking questions to individual players or to the group. The non-host players wager coin amounts based on how well they think they will be able to answer. If they answer correctly they move their peg up the score tracker the amount they wagered. The player to reaches the final position and successfully complete a final challenge wins. For avid and knowledgeable Star Wars fans ages 7+.

Missy Williams   ©2015 Parents' Choice

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