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Until I Find Julian

Until I Find Julian

Fall 2015 Fiction
Ages: 8 - 12 yrs.
Author: Patricia Giff
ISBN: 978-0385744829
Hardcover Price: $16.99

After his father died laboring in the fields of Mexico, twelve-year-old Mateo's family changed. Now, it's just Mateo, his hard-working mother, grandmother and younger brother Lucas. His beloved older brother, Julian, illegally crossed the U.S./Mexican border to work in Arkansas and send money home to his family. Mateo misses him - a lot.

After a particularly tough day at school, Mateo arrives home to learn from his brother's friend that the undocumented workers on Julian's jobsite had been rounded up by the police, and he doesn't know what happened to Julian. Mateo knows that he has to find his brother, and he can't go home until he does.

Along his dangerous and demanding journey, Mateo is befriended by a smart and tough scrawny girl with the unlikely name of Angel. She becomes his quarrelsome, helpful companion.

Adventure, hope, realistic challenges, resilience and a love of family combine in a very satisfying read.

Kemie Nix   ©2015 Parents' Choice
Kemie Nix is Chairman of Children's Literature for Children (CLC), a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational organization dedicated to bringing children and books together. Mrs. Nix, a senior book editor for Parents' Choice, has a remarkable sense of selecting books children love to read.

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