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Elmo's World and You

Elmo's World and You

Spring 2016 Mobile Apps
Ages: 3 & Up
Developer: Sesame Workshop
Platform: iPad

Elmo's World and You consists of appisodes, each one organized around a theme. We reviewed the free version of the app featuring pets and beaches. Additional appisodes are $2.99.

Each themed segment contains Sesame Street video along with several well designed school readiness activities for preschoolers. In the Pets theme, Elmo and his pet goldfish Dorothy prompt questions and offer examples about what makes a good pet, how we play with a pet and more. Scenes that involve Elmo holding his friend Tablet are embedded with videos about pets. With access to the parent's iPad's camera, a child can see how Dorothy sees the child in her imagination. At the beach, viewers can count starfish or build a sandcastle. Throughout, children can decorate with stickers, play guessing games and tickle Mr. Noodle. Our testers had great fun having the child draws on his/her side of the "screen" while Elmo draws along from his/the other side of the screen. Very fun and very appealing.

Child-focused in content and user experience, Elmo's World and You offers just the right dose of familiarity, challenge and variety to keep preschoolers engaged and learning - for as long as their parents will let them play.

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