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Play All Day with Elmo!

Play All Day with Elmo!

Spring 2016 DVD
Ages: 2 - 5 yrs.
Producer: Sesame Workshop
DVD Price: $14.98

In Play All Day with Elmo! energetic animation, puppetry, and live-action video will motivate young viewers to get up off the couch and join in the dance, exercise, and imaginative play and learning.

With two hours of viewing content, it's non-stop fun and games - literally - as Elmo leads toddlers and preschoolers in a range of popular pastimes, including Red Light/Green Light; Freeze Dance; Hop with Elmo; and Elmo Says, a hip-hop inspired take on Simon Says. The segment in which Elmo and Jack Black learn what an octagon is sets up the learning about stop and go. Another particularly charming segment is titled Animal Guessing Game and it includes a sequence with actor Taye Diggs as he and Elmo play an imagination game about going for a drive. Each game begins with Elmo providing clear (and entertaining) instructions so no viewer will be left behind; and the game play is age-appropriate and peppered with Elmo's trademark jokes and physical humor.

Play All Day with Elmo! radiates energy and enthusiasm that, in addition to the physical activities, teaches preschool readiness skills such as listening and following directions. The DVD offers options to watch the program with English or Spanish subtitles and it also includes two bonus features, "Simon Says" and "Elmo's World: Games," both full-length episodes of Elmo's World from Sesame Street.

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