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Spanish for Kids: Ultimate Collection

Spanish for Kids: Ultimate Collection

Spring 2016 DVD
Ages: 2 - 7 yrs.
DVD Price: $115.00

Full immersion at a young age is the standard educational recommendation for allowing non-native speakers to pick up a second language. And that's exactly what Whistlefritz Spanish does for 2-7 year olds who have not had an introduction to Spanish. In this immersion DVD/CD set viewers, along with young friends and puppet pals, learn the words for play activities, parts of the body, clothing, numbers, food, and more. Young learners won't be able to resist dancing and singing along to this Spanish CD's toe-tapping, hand-clapping, maraca-slapping new songs, including Los NiƱos Cuando Bailan, new twists on favorite children's songs Cabeza, Hombros (Head, Shoulders) and Ojos, Orejas and the irresistible new toe-tapper Los Deditos.

Suitable for adults who don't have any previous introduction to Spanish and want to get an elementary command of the language (if even to keep pace with their children) the 4-DVD, 3-CD set includes an easy-to-use translation guide for parents, as well as Spanish subtitles for adult learners. The DVD -- and lively narrator and native-speaker Maria -- teach Spanish using the immersion method recommended by language acquisition experts through songs, dance, skits and picture/word associations. Through Maria's facial expressions and visualizations, kids learn not just the basics of vocabulary and nouns, but absorb the dialog in full sentences and question-and-answer sessions where everything is spoken strictly in Spanish. For many young viewers this word association can eliminate the need to use English translation as a teaching method. Maria speaks very clearly with a soothing voice, and has a marvelously entertaining interaction with an imaginary audience of kids. For example, after she introduces different articles of clothing she'll ask, "Does a sock go on my head?" and the off-screen children will yell "no"-- in Spanish of course! If you think this is too difficult for your own toddlers you might be surprised how much they grasp. Maria has a bubbly and engaging child-friendly personality which draws younger kids to want to participate with her. You'll probably find your kids using basic Spanish words around the house in no time.

Ann Hillers   ©2016 Parents' Choice
Ann Hillers, a creative writing graduate of Duke University, is a mother of three boys and a former international tour director. Her work led her all around the globe and she's imparted her kids with the same wanderlust. They have traveled together to 20 countries including South Africa, Botswana, Nicaragua, Colombia, Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia, where they all became certified scuba divers. After living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for six years the family now resides in California.

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