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Boys' Life Magazine

Boys' Life Magazine

Spring 2016 Magazines
Ages: 6 - 17 yrs.
Newsstand Price: $3.95
Subscription Price: $24.00 / 12 Issues

Boys' Life is a title familiar to any family that has participated in scouting at any point over the century-long history of the Boy Scouts. The magazine, published monthly since 1911, carries a wide range of features of interest to boys ages 6 to 17 (in two separate editions, one for ages 6-10 and one for older youths). The topics are aimed primarily at the interests of those in scouting, including the monthly feature "Merit Badge Minute," outdoor safety articles and comics, and outfitter equipment reviews. Each issues also highlights significant achievements by Boy Scouts around the country. Even non-scouts are likely to enjoy the monthly jokes column (most painfully corny and certain to be repeated with enthusiasm by 12-year-olds) as well as articles on building projects, environmental topics, science, popular culture, sports, and electronics. Generally speaking, the writing is appropriate to the comprehension level of middle schoolers. Advertising is mild and minimal, and it largely ties into the themes of the magazine; much of it comes from the Boy Scouts of America and their own organizations.

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