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Spring 2016 Television
Ages: 13 - 16 yrs.
Rating: TV G

Do you like the ABC show, Shark Tank? It features aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to a panel of billionaires with the hope of enticing them into investing.

Hatched is Shark Tank for kids. Each episode focuses on one kid who has come up with a business. He or she presents it to investor and businessman Joe Kincaid. Joe gets input on each pitch from retail expert Freddy Cameron and financial expert Nicole Lapin. Then he decides whether he's going to back the idea.

Each show just focuses on one pitch. There's a moment where the kids take their products to consumers to get feedback about the name, the packaging, the value and the product. It's a nice addition (one that Shark Tank doesn't have) to help give insight into potential sales.

As you watch, you figure the kid's probably going to get the money every time. But that isn't true. In one episode, a young girl who invented a waterproof sock wound up not landing an investment deal from Joe and his cohorts. But she does get lots of encouragement, advice and sound reasoning as to why, plus an invitation to return when her product is in better shape.

While it's not an original concept, the show is fun to watch. It's always inspiring to see young inventors present ideas that might become true success stories.

Ann Oldenburg   ©2016 Parents' Choice
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