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Dog Town, USA

Dog Town, USA

Spring 2016 Television
Ages: 13 - 16 yrs.
Rating: TV G

Your heart will break when you see Shaggy, an abandoned mutt who was left to live for six years on his own in the Grand Canyon.

Then came the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, part of Dog Town, a center in Kanab, Utah, devoted to helping dogs in need. Sherry Woodard, animal behavioral consultant, drives to get Shaggy and bring him back to Dog Town, where he slowly must start to adjust. Dogs, after all, are not wild animals. They need loving homes and care.

At first, the aptly named Shaggy is frightened and overwhelmed, but with the gentle nurturing of the staff and socializing help from other dogs, Shaggy becomes a happy and well-adjusted member of the Dog Town family.

That's just one of the many success stories out of the show that highlights dogs who are transformed.

Penny, a Beagle mix from Florida, needs to learn boundaries. She jumps up on counters and gets into everything. But it's nothing that some training for her - and her owners - can't solve.

And there's Ollie, a "bullet" of a pooch whose friendly, motivated and focused personality makes him a fantastic search and rescue dog.

"Dog Town" uses pop up facts to educate viewers about animals and uses each episode to tell the story of one needy animal, in order to show how important it is to help the homeless with kindness and respect and loving care.

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