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Juana y los Amigos de la Granja

Juana y los Amigos de la Granja

Spring 2016 Mobile Apps
Ages: 1 - 5 yrs.
Price: $2.99

Juana y Los Amigos de la Granja is an immersive Spanish language game that features Juana the Iguana and her farmyard friends in several easy-to-learn games. The app teaches children the Spanish words for numbers, animals, colors, and fruits; it also teaches children how pronounce letters and count in Spanish. It does all this through four entertaining and engaging games. In Colors, Fruits, and Vegetables, Juana only wants to eat certain colors of fruits and vegetables; children have to select only the foods that match that color. As each item is selected, its name and color are pronounced in Spanish for the player. There is also a memory-matching game in which players help Juana find her friends, color matching game, and a counting game. The games are highly repetitive; however, at the recommended age range, children both enjoy and benefit from this feature.

This colorful, appealing and spirited app introduces preschoolers to approximately 60 basic Spanish vocabulary words. Although the only portion of the app that is available in English is the Parents' Section, the app is designed in such a way that no prior knowledge is necessary. So, if you are not already a Spanish-speaker, get ready to learn with alongside your kids.

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