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Explore Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Explore Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Spring 2016 Mobile Apps
Ages: 2 - 5 yrs.
Developer: PBS Kids
Download Price: $2.99

Explore Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, designed for children aged two through five years, is a digital dollhouse of sorts that allows children to visit and explore a neighborhood grocery store, a bakery, a doctor's office and a music shop. The app is thoroughly interactive with nearly every item and character able to be moved, manipulated, and talked about. Children can shovel the snow from the sidewalk, turn on/off the street lights, and open/close shutters. The multi-touch capability adds to the fun and the learning.

In the Music Shop, players explore the sounds that various instruments make (although the xylophone is two notes short of an octave) and can even place Daniel and his family on stage for a concert. At the Bakery, players can decorate a cake and move tons of yummy items all around the store. At the Grocery Store, players walk the aisle, add items to their cart, place them on the register belt, ring them up, and bag them. And, at the Doctor's Office, children can play as patient or the doctor; all the doctor's tools are interactive.

The buzz in our neighborhood? Overall, the app is a charming and effective way to teach a wide variety of vocabulary words, explore professions, and daily routines through imaginative play. We had discussions about the pros and cons of not having the characters speak. Some tester/players said speaking would add more engagement, others thought the lack of voices gave a child more options for directing the playful learning. What do you think?

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