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Cyberchase Shape Quest

Cyberchase Shape Quest

Spring 2016 Mobile Apps
Ages: 6 - 9 yrs.
Developer: Thirteen/WNET
Platform: iPad

As a companion to the PBS Kids series Cyberchase, Shape Quest is an iPad app with a suite of three math-based games focused on geometry, spatial reasoning and problem solving. Designed for kids ages 6 - 9, "Feed the Critters" sharpens spatial reasoning, "Hide and Seek" practices shape recognition and "Patch the Path" uses a printable game board and augmented reality to combine virtual and physical play to hone problem solving.

We found "Hide and Seek" the most basic and geared towards younger kids. Players work through 25 different puzzles on a quest to find hidden animals by identifying 2D geometric shapes and the properties that make them different. "Feed the Critters," with five different critters and 25 levels of play, challenges players to use spatial reasoning to design the shortest route to bounce food off walls and obstacles and reach the critter's mouth. Player/testers proclaimed this the most challenging of the games, and parents echoed this as a fun way to learn about spatial reasoning. "Patch the Path" was the top favorite. Testers had great fun with the augmented reality; and parents gave this game high marks for offering creative problem solving within the context of geometry.

CyberChase Shape Quest balances educational opportunities with a sense of playfulness. With high replay factors incentivized by the opportunity to increase one's score, our groups recommend this app for both co-play and individual play.

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