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Mindful Moments for Kids

Mindful Moments for Kids

Spring 2016 Music
Ages: 2 - 8 yrs.
CD Price: $12.00

Kira Willey, an award-winning singer/songwriter ("How to be a Cloud" and Kings & Queens of the Forest") and founder of Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids, presents 30 one-minute mindfulness exercises designed for children to practice–seated, and at any time of day. Subdivided into five easy to use areas of "Calm," "Focus," "Inspire," "Energize," and "De-stress," each section consists of six exercises with Willey's warm and simple voiceover instructions set to the backing of her original and exquisite instrumentals. The exercises focus on different types of animals breaths (deep or shallow, short or long) and ask listeners to use their imaginations to visualize themselves as bumblebees, clouds, and rain. Asking listeners to blow out a candle, or cool off a cup of hot chocolate, Willey's gentle instruction opens the way for children to physically get in touch with their feelings, harness their energy, release anxiety, and develop self-awareness and compassion. In a world that moves excessively fast, these are simple and effective one minute excuses for children and their parents to slow down, and focus on what is important, before carrying on with the rest of their busy day. The recording also includes two bonus songs: an all-new recording of Willey's popular ''Dance for the Sun,'' and a mantra-like lullaby called ''Just Be.''

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