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Crayola Neon 3D Chalk

Crayola Neon 3D Chalk

Spring 2016 Toys
Ages: 4 & Up
Manufacturer: Crayola, LLC
Price: $4.99

The Crayola Neon 3D Chalk comes with six bold neon chalk sticks and a pair of plastic, orange 3D glasses. My kids loved the bright, vibrant colors and created an entire St. Patrick's Day landscape, complete with rainbow, pot of gold, and leprechaun on our front sidewalk and driveway. The little ones added pictures of themselves, and practiced writing their letters (and drawing multiple rainbows). My two year old even continued the drawing along the side of our car, which easily washed off with a little bit of water. When donning the 3D glasses, the images spring to life. The older boys were fascinated with learning how the glasses work to make the images seem to jump off the sidewalk (there is even a brief explanation on the back of the box.) This little pack of chalk lasted only a few hours with seven kids on a beautiful spring day, but I would think one or two children would be able to use it multiple times over a month or so. A very fun time for $4.99.

Melissa Strunc   ©2016 Parents' Choice

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