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ABC & 123 Picnic Activity Set

ABC & 123 Picnic Activity Set

Spring 2016 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Learning Resources
Price: $21.99

Make number and letter recognition a picnic with these reversible picnic blanket styled game boards. One side features the alphabet (uppercase letters) on one side and numbers (1-30) on the other. The games pieces include 30 colorful plastic ants, two die and 36 watermelon styled cards; 26 with letters (lowercase on one side and upper case on the other) and 10 with numerals 1-10 on one side and the corresponding number of watermelon seeds on the other.

The accompanying booklet is a menu of 14 games and activities that can be played by one child or in some cases groups up to six. Our parent/educator testers applauded the clear, appealing, and fun learning.

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