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Go Away Monster

Go Away Monster

Spring 2016 Games
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: Gamewright
Price: $14.99

In the bright light of day, players work to clear the monsters from their bedrooms once and for all!

Each player gets a bedroom game board and familiarizes himself with the monster and furniture (bed, lamp, picture and stuffed animal) pieces, then looks at the pieces and observes their size and shape. Then, all payers put the pieces into the bag and shake until everything is mixed up. In turn, players reach into the bag to find the correctly shaped pieces to complete their bedroom board. When a player selects a piece she needs, she places it on her board. If she pulls out a piece she already has, she can give it to another player who needs it. But when a player pulls out a monster, he tosses it into the "monster pit" at the center of the game board area and decides whether to shout at it to go away, or sit on it, or hide it under a chair. In short, players take charge of disposing of their bedroom monsters.

Our parent testers applauded the design, the cooperative gameplay and the opportunity to use the game as a conversation starter to address fears - of monsters under the bed, or something new and scary.

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