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GIANT Coloring Mural

GIANT Coloring Mural

Spring 2016 Toys
Ages: 5 & Up
Manufacturer: lullubee inc.
Price: $16.95

Did the coloring book pages have Wheaties for breakfast? These 5' x 2 ½ ' murals might make you think so. Carefully taped to the wall, or rolled out (and weighted) on a carpet-free floor, patient children can spend days working alone and groups can spend a couple of hours working on their Kraft paper masterpiece with crayons, or chalk, paints or markers. There are no directions to follow or prerequisites to complete. Mural projects can decorate a room or tree house, be a part of a classroom lesson, a birthday party banner for someone you love, a sleepover activity, or a "just because I love to color." Designs include: Animal Picnic, Ocean World, Birthday Parade, Perfect Princess, In the Forest, and On the Go.

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