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Kidzlabs/Human Organs

Kidzlabs/Human Organs

Spring 2016 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Price: $15.00

Kidzlabs Human Organs science kit is an activity based introduction to four human organs. Created for children ages 8+, the four activity projects and models include: A skull key ring (brain), a lung model, a stethoscope (heart) and a pinhole projector (eye). Of those, our testers reported the lung model and pinhole projector the most interesting, successful and fun. The included guide details assembly and operation for each activity, some explanation of how it works, and several fun facts about the organ itself. Did you know that the average person breathes approximately 23,000 times a day? Or that we blink more than 28,000 times a day? All in all, these are fun activities for a rainy afternoon.

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