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Dr. Bonyfide Presents: Bones of the Rib Cage and Spine

Dr. Bonyfide Presents: Bones of the Rib Cage and Spine

Spring 2016 Doing & Learning
Ages: 7 & Up
Publisher: Know Yourself
ISBN: 9780991296828
Hardcover Price: $18.00

This colorful workbook is no Gray's Anatomy, but it does flesh out the parts, positions, purposes and pronunciations of the 51 bones in the spine and rib cage for youngsters willing to bone up on the human frame.

The preface is written by Dr. Matt Rivera, a California chiropractor and one of this book's team of med-world authors who apparently love literature and rhyming as much as adjusting out-of-whack spines. Sprinkled throughout the book are quotes, from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Frida Kahlo, as well as simple little poems making points about "boneology."

Most of the graphics are comic-book style, so a little over-the-top but suitable for kids. The comic characters include Vinny Vertebrae, Ruby Rib, Lumbar Jack (you get the idea), but with word balloons they become talking cervicals, lumbars and sacrums. Mixed into the workbook format are helpful pronunciation guides ("spy-null call-umm" and "ver-tuh-bray"), mini quizzes, etymological blurbs, physical activities, simple advice for protecting your posture and backbone (such as stretching exercises), short comic stories, coloring book pages, a mnemonic word trick for remembering all of the above, and much more.

This third book in the Know Yourself Academy Series, at 164 pages, will appeal mainly to youngsters with a backbone for such an immersion course in the science of the spine and rib cage.

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