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ROLLERS™ A Game of Matching Die and Scoring High

ROLLERS™ A Game of Matching Die and Scoring High

Fall 2016 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: USAopoly
Price: $19.95

Rollers is a cousin of Yahtzee - which is great news for anyone who loves a brain-exercising, highly competitive, math-based, intensely strategic, little-bit-of-luck, dice tosser.

In this 2-5-player dice game, the goal is to be the first to earn five "victory points." Each players starts with a solid 9.75" by 7.5" game board, a set of matching markers, 10 purple chips and five white chips.

In each round, three victory points are available to win - two by being the first to complete your game board and the third by collecting the most chips from other players. Players take turns rolling their six dice as many as three times per round, trying to complete the best set of one matching number-gameplay kind of like in Yahtzee.

Unlike Yahtzee, to stir things up, there's a star on one side of each of the five blue dice and the star is wild. On one side of the single black die is a lightning-bolt, or "zap die," which automatically cancels your roll. Both add to strategy - like, if you roll a numbered side of the black die on your first roll, you may keep it even if it isn't a number you're trying to collect, so there's no chance you'll roll a zap in the next two tosses.

Meanwhile, close out a section, have a leftover chip and you can use that to collect the same face-value chips from player who have not closed that section. When a player closes out his entire board, the round ends and the next round begins - with players holding onto their victory points until someone wins with five victory points.

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