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Fall 2016 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Hasbro, Inc.
Price: $19.99

Simon Air is Hasbro's latest twist on the classic memory game, Simon. You will still find the characteristic lights and sounds of Simon, but in this iteration, no tapping of buttons is required; players simply wave or hover their hand over the various colors. The game features three play modes: classic in which one color/pitches plays at a time, single-player in which up to two colors/pitches play at a time, and two-player in which up to all four colors/pitches play at a time. All of the games progressively difficult modes are terrific for sequencing, working memory, attention, concentration, and hand-eye coordination - for building skills in the young and retaining skills in the not-so-young. The two-player mode hones these skills as well, but also encourages cooperative play as two individuals work together to beat Simon.

One logistic note: it initially appears as though Simon Air lacks volume control; however, despite the fact that there is no button specifically labeled for volume, it can be raised or lowered by means of the games power button. Simon says, "Inside voice please."

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