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Kaadoo - Safari themed board game

Kaadoo - Safari themed board game

Fall 2016 Games
Ages: 6 & Up
Price: $29.99

Kaadoo The Big Game: Migration Mania Edition is a safari-themed board game for up to four players ages six and up. The game includes: an attractive game board, one handcrafted wooden die, four cars (pawns), and one hundred beautifully illustrated playing cards, and clear instructions. In short, players "drive through" the jungle and learn about African animals and environments.

Quick to set up and easy to play, the game appealed to and engaged both children and adults. The game can take many paths, making the game different each time. Some moves are based on the luck of the draw, others employ a bit of strategy. With almost every move, our young testers asked questions about the continent of Africa, the environment, animals, how wildlife lives, and the wilderness of Africa, all leading to interesting family discussions. Appealing, fun, and educational.

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