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Day-to-Night 2-in-1 Target Toss

Day-to-Night 2-in-1 Target Toss

Fall 2016 Games
Ages: 4 & Up
Price: $49.98

The Day-to-Night 2-in-1 Target Toss game is made of sturdy fabric, approximately 18 inches in diameter with an inflatable bladder and a hanging strap. Players decide on a winning point count and take turns throwing balls (3 yellow and 3 blue) at the Velcro circles. Start with the sunny Day side and stand close to the target. Who will be the first to stick to a 10? Who can add up to 50? As aim improves, move farther away. Then, move onto the more difficult Night side and repeat the distance challenge. Who can be the first to get 250? No matter which side of the target you're on, the fun adds up quickly.

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