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The Best Man

The Best Man

Fall 2016 Fiction
Ages: 9 - 12 yrs.
Author: Richard Peck
ISBN: 978-0803738393
Hardcover Price: $16.99

At the ripe old age of twelve, Archie Magill has participated in two weddings. As a ring bearer, he managed to create a sensation by destroying the back of his white velvet shorts. In the words of his companion ring bearer, Lynnette, "Your six-year-old butt is still on You Tube."

In a book both funny and compassionate, author Richard Peck channels Archie's love of his family, particularly his dad, his Uncle Phil, and "Grandpa" - his three best role models. Peck paints Archie's elementary school experiences with a few telling vignettes of each grade. One significant passage depicts his experiences when sixth-graders bully a fifth-grade classmate by tying him up in a boy's restroom with the word, "GAY" written across his forehead. Their student teacher, Mr. McLeod, confounds the bullies in a most unusual manner. Archie also plays a significant part in the marriage of two of his role models, his uncle and his teacher. The book begins and ends with their wedding, but all the action and insight fall in between as Archie revels in his role as "The Best Man."

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Kemie Nix is Chairman of Children's Literature for Children (CLC), a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational organization dedicated to bringing children and books together. Mrs. Nix, a senior book editor for Parents' Choice, has a remarkable sense of selecting books children love to read.

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