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App Development with JavaScript: Infinite Runner

App Development with JavaScript: Infinite Runner

Spring 2017 Software
Ages: 9 - 15 yrs.
Producer: CodaKid
Price: $249.99

The Infinite Runner is a JavaScript programming training course designed for children ages 9 -15. It consists of over forty video lessons beginning with the first line of code and ending with publishing a completed mobile game. The videos provide step-by-step, line-by-line instructions on how to write basic JavaScript. The lessons teach children the basic vocabulary and concepts in a hands-on, practical manner so they can complete the program's thirty-five projects. For example, children learn about variables, functions, assets, syntax, and so forth. And, they write JavaScript along with the video lessons; if they make mistakes (e.g., misplacing a letter or semi-colon), a small warning appears so they can be corrected. Marshall, the enthusiastic and kid-friendly course instructor, speaks somewhat quickly, but the lessons themselves are straightforward and relatively easy to follow. Some lessons may require additional viewing or repeated practice; but children (and parents) can spend as much time as they need reviewing the respective video lesson. The one-year subscription ($249.99) also includes email access to instructors for any questions or difficulties that may arise while creating the game. In addition to teaching JavaScript programming, the lessons hone problem-solving, analytical thinking, and patience.

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