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Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin

Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin

Spring 2017 Television
Ages: 13 - 16 yrs.
Rating: TV G

Watching Jeff Corwin in action will likely make you say, "How do I get a gig like that?"

The passionate host hops off a cruise ship to visit "the greatest port cities" in the world. "For me, it's about exploring," he explains.

So, during his one-day stop in Skagway, Alaska, he helicopters to Denver Glacier and learns about dog sledding and training for the Iditarod race. He also takes a train ride through the White Pass, traveling the same trail as old gold miners, and he still has time to visit the Kroschel Films Wildlife Center, where he feeds a reindeer calf and marvels at nearby grizzly bears.

He sure gets a lot done in a day.

Corwin makes every stop seem breathtakingly exciting. "I could spend all day staring at this bear!" he says. And, "I honestly think a porcupine is iconic."

During his stop in Ketchikan, Alaska, Corwin goes salmon fishing, hoping to hook a Chinook. But he only reels in six pink salmon. Darn. "But still, it was a ton of fun!" he enthuses, before moving on to visit a master totem pole carver named Nathan. "It's humbling," says Corwin, to watch Nathan "transforming a tree into art and a story."

As Corwin zip-lines through the Tongass rain forest, he looks down. "Lo and behold, they are black bears!" As he finished up his day, he adds: "Life is at its zenith. Life begins a new. It's spectacular. It's Alaska."

Not that we're arguing with his passionate delivery. The footage on the show and the places Corwin goes are a wonderful journey for any viewer.

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