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Journey with Dylan Dreyer

Journey with Dylan Dreyer

Spring 2017 Television
Ages: 13 - 16 yrs.
Rating: TV G

You may know Dylan Dreyer from NBC's Today show, where she is the resident meteorologist. In this series, as the title says, she acts as narrator to a half-hour show that takes viewers to interesting places.

In an "Amazing Alaska" episode, we see beautiful soaring video of cracking ice and birds flocking. "Life flourishes," in the summer, says Dreyer. Black bears romp in a river; Humpback whales migrate through the waters, salmon swim upstream. You get the idea.

In "Secrets of Ancient Egypt," we learn about pharaohs, mummification, tombs and Queen Nefertari (Ramses first wife) as history is brought to life through some reenactments.

Pop-up fact boxes add to the educational element and Dreyer's presence and professional delivery weaves it all together. But it's the exceptional cinematography that sets this Saturday morning show apart. The series would make for good bonus teaching material in the elementary classroom. But any viewer can - and will appreciate the fine travelogue film footage.

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