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Heart of a Champion with Lauren Thompson

Heart of a Champion with Lauren Thompson

Spring 2017 Television
Ages: 13 - 16 yrs.
Rating: TV G

"Everyone is born with the heart of a champion. You have just to look within yourself to find it."

That's the message of the show imparted by host (and Golf Channel TV personality) Lauren Thompson. She spends each half-hour show introducing segments about athletes who are influential, exceptional "champs," in one way or another.

For example, there's Greg Olsen, a North Carolina Panthers tight end whose son, T.J., had to have open-heart surgery soon after he was born. The experience that he and his wife went through, making for a difficult and very worrisome time in their lives, prompted them to start a charity that helps families with similar problems by providing in-home care.

From South Korean golfer Se Ri Pak and Team USA's beach volleyball star Keri Walsh Jennings, we learn about dedication and about being trailblazers in a sport. From young NHL star Auston Matthews we learn that commitment is essential to success.

The stories feature pop-up fact boxes that help add to the informational aspect of each inspirational story, which is told with broad-brush strokes - just a quick look at the influence and message of the "champ" in the spotlight.

Did you know the Baltimore Ravens kicker, Justin Tucker sings opera? As he notes, it shows you can be good at more than one thing and maybe that other thing is quite unexpected.

Particularly moving is the story of blind sprinter and Paralympic gold medalist David Brown, who says, "I'm just another person trying to be greater than I am."

If Brown can do it, can't you?

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