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Annedroids S3

Annedroids S3

Spring 2017 Television
Ages: 5 - 11 yrs.
Producer: Amazon Studios
Rating: TV Y7

This is the coolest show. Period.

Anne, 11, is a young scientist, who is endearing, smart and completely doing her own thing with confidence. Namely, she builds androids in her secret junkyard laboratory. And did we mention she dresses like a pre-teen Mad Max?

Her friends include wacky, sassy Shania - who is a foster kid and likes to say "incredimazing" - and pals Nick and Zack, who help with everything from computer coding to moral support.

Anne problem-solves when her android dog, Fang, needs to be turned into more of a watchdog by incorporating new skills to make it spray like a skunk and shoot quills like a porcupine. Anne is also shows she is a trusting person as she refuses to admit that Ada, a scientist at a local robotics lab, is actually a villain who is spying on her through her robots.

The science is awesome-looking and the kids are good friends to each other as they make good decisions and good choices - although things do go wrong at times. The show is creative, heartfelt and funny, with a winning main character.

Ann Oldenburg   ©2017 Parents' Choice
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