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Keep On

Keep On

Spring 2017 Music
Ages: 2 - 6 yrs.
CD Price: $13.00

Bright melodies, rhythms, and lyrics fuel this album of original and re-tooled songs from well-regarded Chicago-based children's artist Little Miss Ann (Ann Torralba) and her new collaborator, singer/musician Amy D (Amyliza de Jesus). Tracks range in style from a sunny Calypso song, "Hill and Gully Rider," "Where is Thumbkin," with a country lilt; to "Tiptoe Through the Tulips," given a toy piano bounce. "Ube," a celebration of the purple yam, common to Filipino cuisine, is a uke-strumming, singalong number reminiscent of children's music pioneer Ella Jenkins. The gentle "Senses" song defines each of the senses using words starting with specific letters of the alphabet ("so many things to see that start with the letter B/like blue skies and butterflies …"). In addition to their appealing vocal solos and harmonies, these two are fine musicians, with Torralba featured on guitar and ukulele and de Jesus on mandolin, violin, piano and more; they are joined by multi-instrumentalist Dean Jones, the album's expert producer, as well as Latin Grammy-winning clarinetist 123 Andrés, singer Tim Sutton (frontman for Ratboy Jr.), guitarist Andy Larkin, and bassist Jason Sarrubi.

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