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La La La by Priscilla Ahn

La La La by Priscilla Ahn

Spring 2017 Music
Ages: Infant - 5 yrs.
CD Price: $16.00

Brimming with breathtaking beauty, playful and quirky, too, this debut children's album by indie artist and new mom Priscilla Ahn doesn't have a mundane moment in it. Ahn, a singer-songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist, whose work digging deep into emotional territory has been used extensively in TV and film, doesn't stint in her first album for young children. Among the 12 tracks, "Forever & Forever" assures a child of unconditional parental love, even when "you'll wanna be alone, and baby that's just fine." "Body Sounds," punctuated by real kid giggles, encompasses (soft) foot-stomping, belly bongo-ing, tongue-clicking, and scat. "Elephant" celebrates the wonder of creatures as big as a prehistoric fish and as small as a bee. Love, life, and childhood are one with nature in the ethereal "Leaves" ("Nature's gonna know you"), and you'll find few "go to sleep" songs as effective as "Desert Lullaby" ("Just breathe/The day is dreams away") and the softly swaying "In My Bed." And who would have thought that a song entitled "Vampire!"-a short instrumental piece with Ahn on keyboard-could resonate with such yearning. This lovely album is one to listen to again and again, whenever jangled nerves need soothing and the need for quiet time beckons-whatever your age.

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