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Logan Doll

Logan Doll

Spring 2017 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: American Girl
Price: $115.00

Logan, the first boy in the American Girl line, plays drums alongside his friend Tenney Grant. He comes dressed in a t shirt, short sleeve button down shirt, pants, underwear and tennis shoes. As a character in Tenney Grant's third book, Tenney Shares the Stage, Logan is described as "moody" and that he "suddenly disappears" causing Tenney to wonder if they "need each other and their music now more than ever before." Unfortunately, the Logan doll set doesn't include a book. And that disappointed our testers. A large component in the American Girl experience is learning the character's backstory, who she is, her strengths and weaknesses, and what she's overcome. That said, Logan was welcomed into their American Girl Doll community, where he played as brother and friend.

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