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Chineasy Tiles

Chineasy Tiles

Spring 2017 Games
Ages: 4 & Up
Manufacturer: Chineasy Limited
Price: $89.00

Chineasy Tiles is an elegantly designed and beautifully rendered game that offers more than ten different ways to play and learn more than 200 Chinese phrases from 48 essential characters. The set includes 150 pieces, including a master board and beautifully illustrated tiles.

The strength of Chineasy is in the tiles themselves. They serve as visual mnemonic devices that help players learn 48 important Chinese characters. For example, the Chinese character for "woman" is cleverly and artfully worked into part of the illustration of a woman's face. The character of "one" is within an index finger on a hand. It's evident that a great deal of research and thought went into the teaching methodology and details. The characters included in the game are not only the building blocks of Chinese but are also used in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. The pinyin pronunciation on the back of the tiles is a standard way to show pronunciation. It shows the pronunciation for each character along with a number that indicates which tone should be used. We'd like to see the company better support beginning learners by offering audio pronunciation of the tiles on their website.

The suggested games that can be played with Chineasy Tiles cover a variety of options, from single player to small groups. The games include Bingo, Memory, Find It First, and Chinese Scrabble, but it's easy to imagine families coming up with their own ways to play.

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Chris Rettstatt is an award-winning children's media professional who focuses on the intersection of creativity and technology. Formerly Digital Editor for Highlights for Children, he is now designing connected play experiences at Wonder Workshop, creators of the Dash and Dot robots. He lives in Berkeley, California, with his twin daughters.

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