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Dig It Up! Discovery Kit

Dig It Up! Discovery Kit

Spring 2017 Toys
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: MindWare
Price: $34.95

With 12 activities designed for dinosaur enthusiasts, the Dig It Up! Discovery Kit includes an instruction book, a clear soap base, Plaster of Paris powder, fine Vermiculite, modeling clay, food coloring, black paint, a Pachycephalosaurus skull mold, an Allosaurus claw mold, and amber soap mold, a rock mold, a 110 ml beaker, a 30 ml beaker, a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, a Triceratops skeleton, bug decals, digging tools, a paint brush, stirring sticks, a pipette, a scoop, a safety mask, and gloves. Phew! Other than that, promising paleontologists will need an oven mitt and a microwave, both clearly noted on the box.

Testers were pleased that the adult supervision required for many of the projects was an opportunity for children and parents to learn together—beginning with learning to pronounce and spell what they were excavating. From uncovering to reassembling, and casting replicas to tracing fossils, the activities prompted questions, dinnertime discussions and trips to the library. Recommended for fossil hunters everywhere.

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